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Pushali Saffron
Like Negin saffron, Pushali saffron (known as Mancha in Spain) is produced at the beginning of the harvest season. Pushali saffron has red stigmas with a 3-5mm style which makes up about 5-10 percent of the weight of this type of saffron. Being voluminous, Pushali saffron is very suitable for packing. On average, 101 kg of saffron flowers makes 1kg of Pushali saffron.
We offer three grades of Pushali:
• Grade 1 : This type of Pushali is taken selectively from the best flowers – with the yellow part (Konga) very low.
• Grade 2: This type of Pushali includes long filaments of stigmas with little yellow parts of style. The quality of Pushali grade 2 is less than Pushali grade 1.
• Grade 3: Includes filaments of stigmas with a little longer yellow parts - and some broken filaments
Powdered Saffron
Produced from the red stigmas, our powdered
saffron comes in three levels of quality.
•Grade 1: Pure powdered sargol saffron filaments– with no style.
•Grade 2: Powdered sargol saffron filaments – with some powdered style.
• Grade 3: Powdered sargol containing more style than in Grade 2.

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