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All Red(Sargol) Saffron
All Red (Sargol) Saffron
Sargol saffron (known as Cope Saffron in Spain) contains the stigma without the style. (Saffron style are long strings that are removed from stigma during harvesting.)
1 kg of Sargol Saffron can be sourced from around 110-115 kg of saffron flowers. Ranked as Category I in ISO 3632, the quality of this saffron is very high.
We offer two grades of Sargol saffron:
• Grade 1: Includes complete filaments with no broken parts.
• Grade 2: Complete filaments are mixed with some broken parts.
Negin Saffron
Produced at the beginning of the harvest season, Negin saffron is regarded as being of the best quality because very little style is attached to the stigma. Because of its high quality, Negin saffron is the most expensive of all saffron on offer.

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