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  dates, sugarcane and Asafoetida.
Designing, arranging and leading these specialist tours has enabled Fatemeh to establish vibrant relationships with farmers,producers,serviceprovidersand industry owners – and to build her own knowledge and understanding of Iran's agricultural and related products. She has also created valuable links between practitioners, enthusiasts and specialists in the fields of tourism, agriculture and handicrafts, and service providers, producers and exporters at home and importers abroad.
Fatemeh is justifiably proud that, along with her tour design and guiding activities, she is also a trustee of three of Iran's largest companies engaged in producing and exporting saffron, pistachios, caviar and dates–companiesthathaveadeserved reputation for the quality of their products, their customer service and their honest dealings.
Fatemeh currently works with 33 Pol Tourism Services Company as a tour guide, tour designer and travel consultant andalsoleadstoursofParistourguidefor Iranian visitors.

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