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Fatemeh Fereidooni
  Fatemeh Fereidooni has had a distinguished -20 year career in the Iran tourism industry – as a guide, tour designer and travelconsultant.Inthese roles she has designed, arranged and hosted tours for hundreds of international guests throughout all of Iran. In so doing, she has acquired a deep understanding, love and respect for her homeland and its culture – knowledgewhichshesharesexpertly with her guests.
Having a strong social conscience, Fatemeh has also spent 3 years workingforseveralaidorganisations, includingMedecinDuMondeFrance, TerreD'enfanceandMADERAFrance
in Afghanistan for This experience aroused her interest in women's and ruralaffairsand,afterreturningtoIran, she continued her education in the field of women's studies.
After completing these studies, in 2012 she opened her own tourism travel agency - but soon realized that she preferred engaging directly and sharingherknowledgeofIran'shistory and culture with her guests and so resumed her role as a tour guide.
Fatemeh'sknowledgeof,andinterest in women's affairs and rural life led her to design and lead specialist agricultural, handicraft and culinary tours that focus on village life and women.Heragriculturaltoursinclude suchspecialitiesaspistachio,saffron, wheat,caviar,tea,medicinalplants,

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