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 Along with these seven kinds of caviar products, we also offer Bastard
(Acipenser nudiventris) and Sterlet (Acipenser ruthenus) cultivated Caviars, which are considered rare and valuable and available
only on a seasonal basis.
Along with Beluga – the best known and ‘original’ version of this delicacy, we can supply 7 different type of caviar:
Imperial Beluga Caviar (Huso huso)
Produced from the largest sized sturgeons, Imperial Beluga has a delicate and unique appearance. Light gray in color, it has a mild, pleasant taste and creamy flavor.
Royal Asetra Caviar (Acipenser gueldenstaedtii)
Asetra Caviar, also known as Golden Royal Caviar, is the rarest of high quality caviars and the most popular caviar in Europe and North America.
Sevruga Caviar (Acipenser stellatus)
Sevruga Caviar, the most popular type among Iranian consumers, contains very small, fragile eggs and has a unique and delicate taste.
Persian Asetra Caviar (Acipenser persicus)
Processed from sturgeon which only inhabit the Iranian coast of the Caspian Sea (and hence known as Persian Caviar), and with a close affinity to the Asetra sturgeon, this caviar has similar taste to the Royal Asetra caviar. Its color ranges from dark to light gray and, in rare cases, is golden.
Siberian or Baerii Caviar (Acipenser baerii)
Unlike the Caspian species, the origin of this sturgeon is the Siberian Rivers and the Baikal lake basin. Its appearance, ranging from dark grey to black, is similar to Sevruga Caviar and is just as tasty.

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