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We are able to supply five different varieties of dry, semi-dry and fresh dates including: Zahedi, Piarom, Rabbi, Mazafati and Kabkab.
We can ship orders by sea on dry or reefer containers or by land. Please
note that Mazafati and Kabkab dates must be shipped via reefer container while Rabbi, Zahedi and Piarom dates can be shipped via a dry container.
We work with the best international shipping lines and always strive for
the shortest delivery time and the best international container services.
Export packaging can be arranged according to customers' needs - in bulk or consumer packs. We also can arrange any design of packs based on customers' requirements and private brands.
Export bulk orders are wrapped in plain cellophane and, usually, packed in 5
or 10 kg cartons. If required consumer packs can be supplied in 500 ,250 or 750 gram cartons.

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