Tehran’s Persian Azadi Hotel Pioneers Hosting Foreign Tourists

img_5992222-_14873The prospect of hotel industry in Iran is the subject of Safar Magazine’s interview with Mr. Said Seyed Kazemi, the Chief executive officer of Tehran’s Persian Azadi Hotel. He emphasizes on this interview that applying big hotel constructing groups and joining international chain hotels can fulfil a huge diversity of capacities in our country’s tourism industry. Persian Azadi Hotel is currently a five-star hotel in Tehran and is one of the city’s most creditable hotels as well. It should be mentioned that the majority of Persian Azadi Hotel’s guests come from abroad.

In your point of view, what sort of characteristics would satisfy a creditable evaluation in investment field for construction of new hotels? Considering our country’s cultural and economic facts, in which circumstances can investment in the hotel industry be profitable?

Development in tourism’s infrastructures by absorbing private investors cooperation on construction of hotels and residential centres, should be done by providing proper field and in an assured environment after enough research and investigations. As we all know that investment has always been a crucial issue in development in tourism’s infrastructures especially on residential field, all steps should be taken carefully and thoughtfully based on experience.

The knowledge is needed to provide information that in each touristic region how many hotels are needed and they should have what sort of characteristics. With a good evaluation and estimation, we can claim that the investment risk will be reduced appropriately. So, careful researches and evaluations are prerequisite for our aim.

Construction of hotels or any sort of residential areas needs to have proper answers to these questions: has they made enough research on constructing this hotel? Will the hotel fulfil the previous predictions for example and will satisfy tourists or will receive enough guests in this touristic area? Is it suitable for touristic circumstances of the region? Will the invested capital return? These are the questions that must be answered in order to prevent waste of money and destroy motivation of investors to help invest and improve this field.

How can we exploit current improving tourism and hotel industry with collaboration with creditable hotel constructor brands?

The presence of international hotel brands will provide a suitable situation for the presence of foreign tourists in Iran and this will lead to improve the quality of services in Iran more than before.

There has been 30 years of gap between Iran’s hotel industry and international hosting and tourism industry.

As a result, it is crucial to improve old hotels. This industry needs resurrection and reconstruction. In addition, in professional and scientific stage the hotel industry needs to apply international hotel industry activists. One way to bring the quality and the quantity of Iran’s hotel and residential centres to international standard and to increase our country’s international competitive ranking in this field. Joining international chain hotels in this huge industry is apparently been perceived suitably by the owners of these brands.

Now, groups and big hotel companies in the world are so enthusiast to come and invest in Iran. The reason is the fact that Iran is a growing and improving market for domestic and foreign investors. In conclusion, it is better to provide the suitable situation for investment so tourists would come to see Iran comfortably also the science of hostelry would enter to our country and enforce our hotel industry in a competitive mode. It seems that negotiations with countries with a rich culture in tourism, can be concentrated on two parts: increasing the number of tours and inviting tourists to Iran and in the issue of investment in our country’s tourism’s infrastructure. In another perspective, foreign investors can collaborate will Iran’s hotels in two ways: first, collaborating with foreign hotel construction group separately or cooperatively and the other way is to improve the quality of services and educating human resource.

Can you explain more the positon and share of Persian Azadi Hotel in hosting guests cycle in Tehran. What is the actual tourist entry rate of the hotel and in recent months how many foreign tourists have come to Persian Azadi Hotel?

Providing International level of services is our main tasks and responsibilities to meet the growing demand on Iran’s tourism market. As a result, Tehran’s Persian Azadi Hotel seeks with all its potentials to serve its guest in the best standard. Thus, the position of Persian Azadi Hotel amongst capital’s hotels as well as Iran`s tourism industry chain is considerable.

In other prospect, when a hotel is ranked in a high position, it should be able to pioneer and keep itself up to date by applying the current science, its valuable human resource and improve them and their needs in order to fulfil the future needs of its international guests by pursuing current science and technics in hostelry.

About the composition of our guests, I should say that a big majority of our guests come from abroad and considering this big majority and the fact that lots of them our international businessmen, we should wait for a suitable increase as Iran’s commercial ties in global economy is improving and increasing.

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